13 Jun 2012


Now i'm going to share my experience which had happened just a year back. Its all about my younger sister Ramya. She is 23yrs teenage girl. She have fair skin, good pair of boobs, slim waist and cute ass. Ramya used to wear tight tops and jeans she liked to show her structure of boobs and ass to whole world. But she had forgotten that her brother is also became mad about her shapes. I always used to masturbate on her imagining that my sister Ramya is bathing fully nude under a waterfall and rubbing her pink virgin cunt. 2nd scene is my sister was fucking in doggy position by a black guy and his monster cock is tearing her pussy apart... She was screaming loudly and enjoying. 3rd scene where she was attacked by robbers and my sister was mercilessly raped by them. These are all my imaginations which runs through my mind and ejaculated on the name of my teen sister. Like this i used to masturbate on her but on one day afternoon i'm chatting with my best friends in cafe, one of my friend "hey look there bro i think she is your sister" and pointed his finger towards road. I looked back and noticed my sister is going with some guy in a bike and holding him tightly. I felt ashamed in front of my friends but i needed to confirm "who is dat bastard?. Suddenly i started my bike to follow them and my close friend Ajay came along with me. Me and ajay drove in that same road and we saw them stopped on signal. After signal left that guy with my sister accelerated and set his bike very fast. Likewise i'm also a speed demon i followed them in max speed. He left highway and took left turn and reached some farm which is located out of city. It was a big farm with number of bushes and thick trees. We watched them hiding under the bush and He talked to some old fellow and gave him some money. Then he placed hands on my sisters shoulder and they both moved forward talking and laughing. Now we saw that old man coming towards the entrance to guard them. Me and my friend both escaped from his eyes and he sat under a tree at entrance and started to smoke and drink. Now we moved towards the direction they gone and we saw a old farm house. "i think he took your sister to right that house" Ajay whispered. We both bent down and moved silently like soldiers. I came near door and that door is very old and had holes and cracks in it. I just peeked in that crack and i saw that guy holding my sister's hand and convincing her. Ajay came near me and took me to top of that house using a ladder. We reached top of the house and there was a huge opening at top just above where my sister and that guy was standing. Luckily there was room above the top and both of us entered that small room and watched their a conversation from window. We saw that guy was convincing my sister to have sex with him.
"Shall i move now right there and kick his ass?" I asked Ajay. "No dude you have to wait still more time and watch calmly what will happen with your sister" ajay replied. I understood his intention and we smiled at each other. I think now my sister was convinced with him and he started to caressing her milky white cheeks and he began to kiss on her pink lips. And my sister Ramya was enjoying with closed eyes. Dat day she was wearing sleevless salwar and tight jeans. He was pressing her milky arms and feeling the softness of my sister. Suddenly he lifted both of her arms and we got view of my sister ramya's clean shaven fair armpits. (She used to shave her armpits daily). Now he moved his face towards her armpits and started to sniffing it and then he opened his thick tongue and started to lick her armpits. I saw Ramya's face she was heavily enjoying it. I think she got tickled by his tongue and she was giggling and had a wonderful smile on her cute face. I remembered armpits are also the G-spot of girls. Now he licked both her armpits without waiting a second. Then he started to press my sisters firm boobs upon the salwar and my sister unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pant. Now she caught his cock through the underwear and started to press his cock passionately with opened mouth. By seeing this i got harden in my pant and ajay's condition was also similar. Ajay removed his pant and started to stroking his big cock. i got tensed and pulled my pant and opened my 8inch rod and i started to stroke my cock too. My sister was stroking his big cock with her little soft hand. After 5 min she sat in front of him and opened her mouth begged his cock inside her small mouth. He gave cruel looks and pushed back his cock's foreskin and started to rub on my sister's face. Then he putted tip of his cock to holes of Ramya's nose and told my sister "smell it bitch smell my cock's essence. Hey babe take a deep breath now". Ramya took deep breath and enjoyed his cock's smell. Then he took his cock in a hand and started to beat all upon on her cute face. He stopped beating and placed his cock's tip over her lips and moved just like lipstick.
While moving his cock on my sister's lips tip got some lipstick stains while he started to slap on Ramya's cheeks and made it red. Ramya opened her small baby mouth to take his big dark cock, he pushed his cock's foreskin back and held my sister's fucky face in both hands and pushed his monster cock deep inside her mouth and started to fuck her mouth in rhythmically. I saw his ass getting tight when he moved his cock inside and loose when he took that backward.After 5min's he stopped mouth fucking and laid on chair and asked my sister "hey babe now you've to taste my candy". Ramya took his about 9inch cock with her cute hand and started to stroke. She spitted on it and took his entire cock deep inside her mouth and gave him a fine blowjob by moving her head up & down. That guy started to moan"aaaaaah ooooooh feeling good suck my dick you cock sucking bitch suck it hard... Suck baby come on baby suck my love" he was grunting with closed eyes. By seeing this i confirmed my sister Ramya is a good cock sucker and she is sucking it very fast like a experienced whore. Now my friend ajay bursted a huge load of cum in front of me but not stopped masturbating even his had got full of cum. Now i looked down, my sister spitting loads of saliva mixed with his cum to floor. My sister's boyfriend pushed her head out and he was ready to cum. He slapped his hard cock all over my sister Ramya's face by telling "hey bitch! do you like to have my cum load on your face.. Now i'm going to ejaculate my love on you chick be ready". "yeah i want your sweet cum right now darling just do it" my sister replied. He stroked his cock and bursted a huge thick cum load. His white cum is all over her face some of them are in her forehead,chin lips and some had gone into her eyes. She tried to get off his cum from her eyes while her boyfriend took her duppatta and cleaned her eyes and face. Then my sister took his limp cum stained cock and started sucking for some time. He lifted her up and they kissed and he started to press her soft ass and pressed her boobs.Then he removed my sister's salwar and jeans. Now Ramya was only in white bra and white panty. She was looking gorgeous in 2 piece with loose hairs. Ramya looked like ripened fruit which is ready to eat. He kissed her hot navel and screwed with his tongue. My sister took off her bra and showed her erect tits. Her tits were dark pink in colour. Now he sucked her nipple and pressed another boob. Then he turned her around and grabbed her boobs from back and started pressing heavily with both hands. While pressing he moved one of his hand inside her panty and rubbed my sister's pussy. Ramya started to scream and moan. Then he removed her panty. We saw Ramya's ass in clear view it was so sexy friends. it was fair and pink. "Wow! what an ass your sister had got bro.. very good shape and colour" my friend ajay yelled while masturbating.
My sister was fully nude before her boyfriend. I astonished because she was not felt shy to became nude exposing her private parts in front of a stranger. Then she sat on bed and opened her legs and invited him to suck her nectar. Ramya's pussy was shaved perfectly, her pink seal is clearly visible. He kissed her thighs and licked it like a dog.
"come on baby eat my pussy what are you waiting for, i want your tongue deep inside my virgin cunt" my sister grunted. He came close to her pussy and placed his nose right over it took a deep breath and continued that process. He was feeling aroma of my sister Ramya's virgin pussy. She took was enjoying it.

Now he started to lick her cunt. He was biting gently her pussy lips. For that my sister moaned "aaaaaah be careful Jaanu do it slowly it is very tender". Then he inserted his 2 fingers to her pink seal and started finger fuck my sweet sister. While fingering he spitted on her pussy. By looking at experssion on my sister's face i think she was heaven. She half closed eye lids and biting her lips and her hands were running through his hairs and finely massaging him.

"Oh my sister how sexy you are! I was too unlucky because i never tried this with you. Hope i would replace that guy and licked your virgin cunt" i yelled in mind. He licked her pussy in full speed for dat my sister's responded by jumping and shaking her thighs and she was moaning loudly. Now he left her pussy,took a condom pack and removed a condom and gave to my sister. Ramya took his cock and applied condom over it and she spit on his cock and rubbed it gently.. "ok baby now show me your strength and love take me to heaven" ramya said. She opened her thigh wide she was in receptor position. He placed his cock's tip to her cunt and gave a strong push. My sister screamed "oh god.. pls take that out its killing me.. It will tear my pussy.. Pls take it for god's sake pls show me some mercy". But he was not in a mood to listen her non sense he just started fucking and he lifted he legs and placed them on his shoulder and quenched her by fondling her boobs.

Ramya got wet eyes and she was crying in pain. But after some stroke she began to enjoy and she voluntarily wrapped her legs around his waist and enjoyed his strokes. He lifted my sister by grabbing her ass and took all her weight over him and started fucking her while standing. "I've seen these type of positions only in porn movies but this guy is really great to lift my sister and fuck her.

Subjecting her to new positons.. Wow my salute to you my sister fucker" i thanked him in my mind. Then he dropped her back to bed and she willingly turned around and stood in doggy and bent her ass and lifted her cute buns up in air. Now he kissed her ass and glided his hands between her asscheeks and made it apart and licked her asshole and inserted his thumb for few min's. Again he fucked Ramya's pussy. His balls were dashing swinging for each superb shots. By seeing this hot scene of my sister i ejaculated enormous amount of cum and my friend ajay bursted too. But we watched them and my sister taking all of our name during her fuck fest like "oh mommy help me oh dad save me oh brother oh lord" like this she was grunting moaning screaming like mad bitch. After a long fuck he removed condom from his cock and poured cum on my sister bum. Ramya's pussy was dripping by his cum and she was rubbing her pussy and squirted her virgin juice to few meters...


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