13 Jun 2012


My name is Deepak Jain and live in New Delhi . I am 28 year old. Hear I want to share my sexual encounter with my Neighbour.Her name is anjali. She is an attractive woman with wheatish complexion, longhairs and sexy tall figure. Whenever I saw her my cock got erection and I masturbated thinking about her for several times. She was married with a kid. One day my mum said “anjali has some problem in her computer and she needs your help, please help her” I was waiting forthis type of moment. I immediately replied “Tell her to bring her computer to our house I will solve the problem” Next evening anjali brought her computer. I examined it and found some bad sectors on hard disk. I told her about the problem and asked for permission to format the hard disk. She agreed for that. I asked her about any useful data which had to be recovered. She told me about some word files in ‘my document’ folder. Then she went to TV lounge with my mum for chatting and I started my job.Firstly I attached her hard disk with my computer and transferred her required files in my computer. Then for curiosity I searched her hard disk for any sex material and I was surprised to see a hidden folder ‘pics’ on her hard disk. There were some xxx jpg pictures in it along with about 20 desipapa’s stories.

I copied that folder on my hard disk. Then I formatted her hard disk,installed windows, configured all peripherals and installed required software.After that I copied her word files and porn material on her hard disk along with some of my porn collection. This took about 2 hours; meantime she remained with my mum. After finishing the job I called her. She came in my room with my mum.I asked to check her computer. She said “It’s ok, if you are satisfied” I said, “yes I am satisfied and assure you that now it won’t give you problem”.Then I asked my mum to bring her hair dryer for cleaning dust in her computer.As my mum went from the room I said “Your word files are in the same folder,I have found some pictures in your hard disk which I have copied again on your disk” with this I opened the folder containing porn material.She became surprised and confused after seeing that folder. I said “You have very good collection especially stories seem good. I have copied these in to my computer. I think you will not mind it” Her condition was miserable, she was very confused and avoiding to see towards me due to shy. She said “please don’t tell this to anybody” Her voice was shivering. I said, “Ok, don’t worry, I have a huge collection of porn pictures too and I have copied some of these in your computer in the same folder” I asked her to see on the screen. But she said, “She (my mum) is coming, close it” I changed the folder. Then I clean her computer from inside with hair dryer to remove dust. Then she carried her computer and went away. But before leaving our house I managed to say, “can we exchange our collection in future.

I need stories and I will give you pictures” She did not replied. After that she did not visit our house for about a week. After a week she came. I opened the door but she did not make eye contact with me. My mum took her to TV lounge and I went to my room. After few minutes my mum came in the room and said, “anjali is asking for te ‘VGA’ driver which you have missed on that day. She has given this floppy for copying that software” and handed over to me a floppy disk. I immediately understand the situation and said “tell her to wait, I am copying that software” As my mum left the room I inserted the disk into my computer and explore it. There were five new desibaba’s stories on it. I copied these stories on my hard disk and copied few pictures on her disk.After that I write a text file on her floppy with a massage “Thank you! I have read your stories and I like them very interesting and sexy, how do you find my pictures, please comment” Then I went to her and handed over the floppy. She did not see towards me but there was a smile on her face. After that she did not contacted me for many days. My mum told me that anjali was suffering from fiver and she was on leave. One day in early morning we received a death message in my relatives in banglore.

Due to my official works I was unable to go so my mum decided to go alone. I dropped her at airport and after her departure I came back to home. When we left for airport, anjali saw us going together so early. After my arrival at home as she saw my car she came to our apartment for inquiry about emergency. I opened the door and seeing me she blushed and put her dopatta on her head.Hello” I said and let her in. My lund got erection seeing her alone in my house. She asked about my mum, I told her the story. She became nervous after knowing that my mum was not at home and said, “I will come later” with this she handed over a floppy to me and stepped towards the door. “Listen, let me copy these and take some of my collections on it” I said. “I will take it later” She said. I did not want to let this chance un-availed. “Are you afraid of me”, I said. “Nnn no, actually I have to do some work at home” By that time it was 9’O clock. I knew that her husband and kid have gone to office and school respectively. “I know there no urgent work, you are afraid of me,” I said but she did not reply and turned her face to avoid eye contact.

“Before you came I was making tea, let’s have a cup of tea with me meantime I will transfer data from floppy” saying this and without waiting for her reply I shut the door and asked her to follow me. Meantime I sensed that she was also interested to stay with me. I brought her to my room and switched on the computer. I inserted her floppy and started copying her stories on my hard disk. I offered her a chair. She sat on it. I opened the folder of my XXX collection in acdsee. “I am going to bring tea meantime you select pictures of your own choice and copy them on to your floppy” She nodded her head in yes with shy. I left the room and went to kitchen and prepared 2 cups of tea. When I came back, copying of pictures was in progress and a XXX picture was opened on the screen. As she saw me she immediately tried to close that window. Since the process of copy was on therefore the window did not responded with her mouse click on close. In this situation she became confused and immediately covered her face with her both hands and hide her face in her knees with shy. I stepped forward put the cups on table, held her from her shoulders and lift her up.

She resisted but I apply some force and lifted her up. She stood up without removing her hands from face. I brought her closer and embraced her.I wrapped my arms around her and tightened my grip. Her body was shivering and she started heavy breaths. I kissed on her neck and whispered in her ears “anjali you are looking very beautiful. You know I always think about you, you are girl of my dreams and I love you” With this I licked her ears and she started shivering more. I held her chin with my hand and lifted her face then I removed her one hand from her face. She was blushed, her eyes were closed and her lips were half opened. I place my lips on hers and inserted my tongue in her mouth meantime I wrapped my hands again around her and hugged her tightly. She removed her hand from her face and wrapped around me and let my tongue in her mouth. I moved my right hand on her back and held her hips and brought her more closer.

My cock was fully erected and was trying to insert in her thighs. She bit on my tongue and removed her lips and bit on my neck and with shivering voice she said, ”If your wife come to know about this” while kissing on her cheeks I said “we will not let anybody know about this.Faiza I really love you!” With this I again started kissing and she started sucking my lips and hugged me tightly. After a long kiss she buried her face in my chest and said, “I love you too” “Why are you afraid of me?” I asked her. “I don’t know” She replied. I put my right hand on her boobs and said, “Let me tell you, you are afraid that I will fuck you” I wait for a while and said, “Am I right?” She took a sigh and nodded her head in yes. “Can I fuck you?” I said and squeezed her boob with force. She moaned and hugged me tightly and said, ”No you can’t” I squeezed her boob more tightly and said “Why?” She bit on my ear and said “Press it softly you are hurting me”. “Why can’t I fuck you?” I inquired again. “Because you are not my husband, only a husband can fuck his wife” she replied in a sexy voice. I moved my hand under her kameez and squeezed her boob from under the bra. It was hard and her nipple was erected. “anjali!, lovers can fuck without marriage” I said. “But it’s a sin” She replied. I pressed hard her erected nipple between my thumb and finger and said, “there is a great pleasure in this sin, anjali, let me fuck you, let me” I kissed on her lips madly and squeezed her boobs tightly. She replied in inserting her tongue in my mouth.I sucked it for few minutes and said “anjali hold my cock in your hand and see how is it mad for you and for your love hole”. Saying this I untied my shalwar, Firstly she hesitated but after few seconds she gripped my cock. As she held my cock she shivered and hugged me with her other hand and said “It’s very large and thick, I have never seen such a big cock. Its so massive i love to get fucked by this amssive 8″ tool” She pressed my cock hard and moved her hand on it and said “I am also mad for it, let me fuck immediately” with this she left my cock and unbuttoned my shirt and lifted it up. I helped her and removed it.

Now I was fully naked. I lifted her kameez and removed it then I unhooked her bra and throw it away then I untie her shalwar and removed it. Now she was full naked too. She again held my cock in her hand and pointed it towards her love hole (vegina). I moved my hand and gripped her cunt with my palm. She moaned and pressed my cock hard and said in my ears “Let my vegina fill with your cock, fuck me” I wrapped my hands under her hips and lifted her up and brought her on bed. I sat on her legs and started sucking her boobs. Sheheld my head and pressed it down in her boobs. I sucked her boobs for aboutfifteen minutes and she begged for several times to fuck her. Then I licked her belly.After that she suked my cock and made it more hard. She was sucking my cock like a bitch. We remained in this position for next ten minutes after which I was about to cum.I told her that I was about to cum but she held my hips and started biting softly on my cock with her teeth. It made me more excited and when my cock was full inside her mouth I exploded and her mouth filled with my cum. She spit all my cum on my cock. I ejaculated again this time my cum fall on her face. Then I didn’t know what happened to her she took my cock in her mouth and started drinking my cum. She sucked and cleaned my cock so madly with her lips and tongue that after few minutes there was no sign of cum.

With this situation I was so excited that my cock was still hard. Then she asked me to get up and I did so. She held my cock and said “Now I can’t wait more, fuck me immediately” I lifted her legs and placed on my shoulders and put my dick in her pussy. It was very wet and hot. Keeping my cock on her vegina I laid on her and held her one boob and put my tongue in her mouth. She hugged me tightly and gave a jerk to her hips. I pushed my cock in her vegina and inserted it full in one jerk. “Oh Deepak! I love it, your cock is very sexy, I have never got this much pleasure before, now fuck me faster” I obeyed her and I fucked her like a mad dog. During my fast strokes she was moving her hips up and down. After about ten minutes I stopped and told her that I would cum on her belly. She wrapped her legs around my waist to stop me withdrawing my cock. “Cum deep inside my vegina I am on pills fill my love hole with your cum” Hearing this I increased my speed and exploded deep inside her pussy.She also came at the same time. She pressed my cock with her pussy to squeeze my cum in it. During this we kissed passionately each other. I did not withdraw my cock from her pussy and kept on kissing her lying on her. After about ten minutes she again hugged me tightly and started biting on my ears. During this she said, “Deepak! I have never been satisfied like this before. I like your way of fucking and the most I like is your filthy language. During fucking I like filthy talks but my husband never did this”.

I squeezed her boob and said, “You also talk filthy so good. I like it” She insert her tongue in my mouth. With this my cock again got erection and I started movements of my cock in her love hole. She said in a sexy voice “ Do you want me to be more filthy” I squeezed her boobs moretightly and said, “Oh, sure”. The burying her face in my chest she said “fuck me in my gand. I want your big cock in my virgin gand”. Hearing this my cock got its maximum erection in her pussy. I kissed on her lips and said “I also like ass fucking and your huge sexy ass will be the best for my cock”. She told me that she has tried this for many times from her husband but he did not agreed on it. She further told me that many of her friends liked ass fucking but their husband didn’t fulfill their desires. Then I withdrew my cock and she immediately took doggy position. She held my fully lubricated cock from my cum and her pussy juices with her hand and pulled me towards her.Then she put some love love juice on my lund and spread her love juice on my cock with her hand. This action made me more excited and I took my position behind her.

She buried her face in pillow and apart her ass with her hands to make her hole wide. I took some oil on her ass and rubbed with my cock on her asshole. After about five minutes rubbing I tried to enter her but she tightened her ass and made the entry for me very difficult. I held my cock in right hand and put it on her asshole and with left hand I pinched on her one nipple. With pain she shout “ooee” and meantime she relaxed her ass. I thrust my cock with a great force into her tight asshole. She tried to tighten her ass again but this time she was late. The head of my cock made way in her hole and I gripped her boobs tightly and with a forceful jerk I inserted my complete cock in to her tight ass. She shouted with pain “ooee ooee uff ! Deepak! Main mer gayee. Please bahar nikal lo.” And she collapsed on the bed. I also fall on her with my full cock in her ass. I found her ass more tight . As I tried to move my cock in her ass she requested to wait for some time. I obeyed her and we started filthy talks. I said “anjali! You have a very tight ass”. She brought her hands on my butts and pressed me closer to her and said “Deepak! Meri jan! What is our relation” I press her boobs and said “You are my girl friend and your husband is my friend in this connection you are my bhabbi too” She turned her face and while licking on my lips she said “then call me bhabbi, I love your fucking being your bhabbi.

Please call me bhabbi and fuck me”. Hearing this I squeezed her boobs with my full force and bit on her ears saying, “bhabbi you are very sexy, you have a very hot and tight ass, my cock is boiling in it. I love you bhabbi”. Hearing this she raised her hips up and placed a pillow under her belly. This brought her ass in a more fuckable position.I held her boobs tightly and started moving my cock. Firstly it was difficult but after few strokes it was comfortable. Firstly she cried to stop but after about twenty strokes she relaxed and raised her ass more up and started moving her hip with my strokes. With this I increased my speed and fucked her wildly. After about ten minutes of wild fucking I became about to cum and I told her. She raised her hips more up and became in proper doggy style and said “Oh Yes, cum deep inside my asshole, I will suck your cock with my ass”.“Oh bhabbi, you are great, I love you, suck my cock with your ass”.

I brought my hand down below her belly and gripped her vegina with my palm and started queezing it. She tightened her ass and squeezed my cock. With this I exploded deep inside her and at the same time she also got her orgasm and my palm became wet with her love juices. We lay in this position for about ten minutes. Then we got up and went to bathroom and washed ourselves. That day she remained with me till 2’O clock and I fucked her two times more in her pussy. This incident happened two months back. After that whenever we got a chance we made love. She is pregnant now and thanking me for that always.


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