11 Jun 2012

I Fucked My Bhabi Giving her Sleeping Pills

Hi! I am back remembering mic from Jaipur. I am 30 year old, 5’-5”. Married with very beautiful girl for ten years I am going to tell u a story that how I fucked my sis-in-law (meri Bhabi) by giving her sleeping pills.

First let me tell u about my Bhabi. Her name is Ripsy (name changed) wife of my cousin brother she is four yrs younger then me is about 26 yrs. She is about 5’-5” fair color, boobs 36, bit heavy attractive figure.

Now let us come to main story. As U all know we R living in two bedroom house. My cousin her wife and their kid came to visit us. They lived in Ajmer. For the first time I watched her carefully because for past many years we had some family differences. We don’t even attend each other marriage.

As they came by road so they had a bath to freshen up. After bath my Bhabi changed into western she wore sleeveless button down thin white shirt and denim jeans. As I told U that she is bit heavy so the clothes she wore were fitted to her body and every curve of her body is visible. As she was wearing thin white shirt the black bra she was wearing under it was completely visible. As the shirt was tight when ever she sits the gaps between buttons increases and in can have a look on her bare skin.

At afternoon when everyone is taking nap I took some sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet and powdered them. At the evening me and my cousin gone to buy some snacks and food

We purchased some kababs and cream chicken. Then on the back to home I stopped at liquor shop to buy some scotch for night to enjoy. To my luck my cousin told U wait I will go and get it. While he gone buy some scotch I opened the packing container of cream chicken and mixed powdered pills in it. But I kept some amount of powder may be I get a chance to mix it in my cousins drink.

When we reached home the girls started to serve snacks and I arranged for our drinks. To my luck my cousin uses to take his drink in coke so it may easy to mix pills in it.

I and my cousin were sitting in drawing room and all others were in bedroom. After one peg when I was preparing another peg my cousin left for toilet. I took advantage and mixed powdered pill in his scotch and poured it with coke. When he returned I told him let us bottom up this glass in one sip. He agreed.

After that peg my Bhabi came and asked us about dinner. My cousin told her U start we will have it after one more peg. As I told U my Bhabi is bit heavy she eats lot of cream chicken mixed with pills which was good for my plan. When I was preparing third peg I saw my cousin started getting effect of sleeping pills. But we finished the peg.

After some time my Bhabi came in again asking for dinner but this time she was wearing a button down loose shirt and a loose pajama her eyes are also feeling heavy. The sleeping pills have started showing effect on her.

I refused saying I have no space left in side but my cousin had some. While my cousin was having dinner my Bhabi sat there I was watching them they started to doze off. I offered them to move in my room we will manage in drawing room as it was month of November it was pleasant at night no need of A/C. But my child was small only of 4 months at that time so then insist we sleep in room and they will manage.

So we arranged two mattresses in drawing room on one mattress my cousin and his kid slept and my sweet Bhabi on other. We all went to bed. It was about 12:30 am.

At 2:00 am I got up and checked my wife and kid are sleeping. I moved out of my room towards drawing room with torch in my hand. There is only carton between lobby and drawing room. I slid the carton to have a look.

At the entrance my Bhabi was sleeping soundly and my cousin was sleeping bit far. She was sleeping on her back. I uncovered her and watched her from head to toes. Then I called her name but no response. Then I hold her shoulder and shook her but still no response. Then again I called her name and shook her hard but she didn’t move at all.

When I was confirmed I switched on lights to have a good look. But I want to capture some memories so I bought my digital camera and clicked some pictures. Then I hold her boobs over her shirt and started massaging them. Then I opened all her shirt buttons one by one and spreads open her shirt. My Bhabi’s bare milky stomach and beautiful navel are exposed. I kissed her stomach liked her navel her boobs are trying hard to come out of black bra she was wearing. I clicked some pictures and then I lifted her a bit and opened her bra claps. I lifted her bra and had a look on her big boobs and coffee color nipples. I clicked some pictures and then take her right boob in my mouth and started sucking her nipple. Then I did same with her left boob. I played with her boobs for some time then in think to fuck her.

Then I hold both sides of elastic of her pajama and pulled it down until it is fully removed. She had waxed, smooth and milky legs and thighs, I clicked some pictures and then I started liking her legs and thighs. She was wearing white panty with black dots. Then I hold both sides of elastic of her panty and pulled it down until it is fully removed. I clicked some pictures. She had a full shaves pussy. I spread her legs wide and inserted my finger in her pussy. I fingered her for some time then I removed my pajama and placed my self between her legs. I placed the tip of my rock hard cock on the entrance of the hot pussy of my Bhabi and slowly pushed it.

Slowly I inserted my whole 7” cock in her pussy and started to bang her hard. I fucked her till her pussy is full of my cum. Then I take a rest hugging, kissing and smooching. I prepared my self for second short but I want to try her ass. I turned her over and had a look on her big ass. I clicked some pictures and then tried to insert my finger in her asshole but it was tight. Then I bought some Vaseline and applied some amount of it on her asshole and on my finger. I tried again to insert my finger. It was difficult but my finger got in. I fingered her asshole for some time then I applied some more Vaseline and inserted my second finger. After some fingering I think to fuck her asshole. I applied some more Vaseline in her asshole and some on my cock and tried to insert my 7” rock hard cock in her asshole.

I pushed hard and inserted my full cock in her asshole. I fucked her asshole till it is full of my cum. Then I cleaned her up dressed her and put her under covers. Then I looked at her face her mouth was slightly opened. So I thought to mouth fuck her. I slowly inserted my cock in her mouth and mouth fucked her. I short cum inside her mouth and massaged her neck so that she can swallow cum down her throat. I cleaned up my self and went to sleep.

seeee u again..


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