13 Jun 2012

i fucked my bhabhi(law)

I wanna share a true story of my own with u. I m ram from andra pradesh but settled in hyderabad for 2+years, 18 yrs old a young and handsome boy. I live with my cousin brother & bhabhi. Bhabhi is my dream girl since she came in our house. Her name is manu. Nice figure, round butts, and cup shaped tits are her qualities. My brother is a marketing manager and he usually stay out from the house. Once my brother had 2 go out 2 surat for training and luckily brother want me to take care of my bhabi as the training was for 45 days. It was a beautiful morning and i was ready 2 go 4 the office like everyday. I told bhabhi to prepare my breakfast. She said” wait shiv, let me take bath 1st” i said “ok”after 4-5 mins bhabhi called me (she was in bathroom) and when i reached to the bathroom the door was closed. I said “yes bhabhi” she said”shiv,i 4got my clothes in my room can u bring them 2 me?” i said “yes bhabhi y not” i went, there was a blue panty and a white bra which was rolled in her dress. I then brought them 2 bhabhi.. She opened the door and came out with her upper part (upto neck) and took her clothes said thanx. I could see the upper part of her shining body and after taking my breakfast i went 2 offfice and there was a little xitement there cos i’v seen bhabhi’s body. Oh……… I could not stay there for long. I return back.

Then i went 2 my room and did hand job-fantasizing bhabhi. At nite about 8 o clock when i was watching tv bhabhi called me in kitchen and requested 2 wash her hands with water as her hands were covered with flour. I took a mug of water and washed her hands . Suddenly my eyes went 2 her breasts wao……….. What a beautiful site it was. I was lost and then bhabhi said” shiv what 2 u looking for” cos i was not washing her hands properly. I had seen a little part of her nipples and after that i was totally lost. Soon i went 2 bathroom and again did my job. Now bhabhi was attracting me more than b4 and i was on fire.. After doing my job i toook dinner and came in my room for sleep. After sometime my door got knocked, i opened the door. She was my bhabhi. She asked” didnt’t u sleep yet shiv?” i said no bhabhi (cos i could not sleep cos of my bhabhi) sshe said that she 2 could not sleep as her room’s tube lite was fused (bhabhi usally sleep in light). She asked me wheater she could sleep in my room? I said “why not bhabhi” then she move towards my bed and luckily we had only one blanket in my bed and we had 2 adjust with that. So we took it over ourselves and after sometime i realised that bhabhi was in deep sleep and then i saw her breasts from within her transparent nighty. I went near her breasts and the slightly lower down it. It had buttons so i opened 1st button. I saw nice part of her breasts. The 2nd… Then 3rd…4th…… Slowly i opened all the buttons of her nighty and i could see a beauttiful body of my bhabhi about which i dreamed. And then i start pressing her boobs and slowly i started 2 suck then one by one. Ahahha…..mmm………… Bhabhi was moaning and i knew that she was not in sleep. But i didnt care. I continued my job after sometime she moaned loudly and she opened her eyes. I didnt have any word on my lips 2 say. I was full shamed. She asked in anger”

What are u doing this” i didnt say anything. She suddenly changed her anger 2 a sweet smile and said” shiv, u could ask directly 2 me. I would have given my everything to my handsome dewar.” i was shocked and i hugged her and start pressing her boobs with my hands, i insterted my tongue in her mouth and started sucking her lips. Oh……….mmmmmmwwwaaaaaa……. Bhabhi i love u bhabhi. Ahahh……… Then i move downwards to her boobs and i started eating them. Ah….. They were sweet. I was eating them like a mango. Wao …. While doing this all my hand has reached 2 her wet pussy and i was teasing it with my fingers. Ahh.. It was wet with her juice. She suddenly stood up and moved away. I was confused. She went 2 the freezer and from there she took a bowl of ice cream and came back. She took off my clothes one by one and when she took my underwear off i was on fire. Oh… She put ice cream on my 9″ dick with a spoon and start licking it.aaaaaah bahabhi…ooooooooo……..mmmmmmmm. I was on the 9th sky. She was eating me. Mmmm…ahhhhh.. Within few mins she licked all ice cream. Wao it was beautiful and unforgettable moment of my life. Now it was my turn . I took her in my hands and let her lay down on the floor and i put the whole bowl on her body and her body was totaly covered with ice cream and now i started messaging her body with my hands and now i started llicking ice cream along with her soft skin. Ahhmmmmm…….aaahhhhhhhh. Delicious!!!!!!!! I was licking her nipples and after sometime when i finished licking her nipples i reached 2 her waist and then started licking it. Ahhahhah mmmmmmmmm then i reached 2 pussy. Now i made her legs quite wider . Waoo….. I could see the deep hole of her pussy. I put a spoonfull ice cream in her pusyy and then 2nd spoon and then 3rd. With 3rd spoon her pussy got filled. Then i inserted my toungue and started eating that ice cream. Waooooooooo. It has become sweeter than b4. Mmmmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhhhh, now she was moaning ….ahahhahah fuck.. Me….rahul…ahhhhh ooo…….mmmmmmmmmahhhhh. Eat me……ahhhhhh i wana…….take u …….inside me……….. Come in me shiv… Ahhhhhh mmmmmmmmm. Then i had my dick full in side in my hands and i started 2 fuck her. I kept my 2″ 1st on her pussy’s mouth then i entered slowly. Ahhhh it was going very esily. Mmmmm ahhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmthen i inserted 5 inches.

She started moaning mmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh ram. Fuck me hard ahhhhhhhh. Then i slowly took it out and oush it now with a great force. My world was collapsed. My 9″ dick was totaly lost in her and i started fuck her very hardly as much i could. I put out and then again pushed…. 7″ in…. Out……in…out ahhahhahah mmmmm. I was in heaven. Ahahah 7″ in,….out…out……..in. We roll over now she was on me and enjoying my dick’s ride. Ahah she was jumiping high and then come down. I was in heaven…….9″in..out..ouyt…in up down up down slowly easily side 2 side……mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh … After few mins i was about 2 cum . I asked bhabhi where should i discharger? She said in my mouth. Then i took my dick out and put in her mouth. Waoooooooo her mouth fuck was also a good period. Now she took it upto her throth and i was doing …in…out job. Within few moment i came with a jerk and it was the biggest cum of my life…… I had filled her mouth with my juice and she was eating it. She licked my dick again and made it clean. Wao…………. And after that we did the same job 2 times more at that night and for the remaining 45 days and since then whenever we get any chance we dont miss it.


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